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The Watir Podcast Episode 64

The Watir Podcast has release Episode 64, in which I interview Automation expert Jason Watts about why he likes using Watir over other libraries. He is knowledgeable about his test stack! In the course of half an hour, we talk about page objects (3 libraries), Allure, Cucumber, RSpec, Xvfb, Fig Newton, IRB, PRY, Watir Model, Docker, Vagrant, Ansible, BitBucket, Bamboo, Slack, Stack Overflow, Watir General (google groups), and Github.


After a four year hiatus, we have resumed recording the Watir Podcast. It’s not at the same site. You can now find it on SoundCloud. Please listen and provide feedback.

This week, episode 56 has an interview with bigtime Watir developer Titus Fortner. He explains who Watir is releasing a beta for Watir 6 which supports the Geckodriver, Selenium 3, and Firefox 48.

Watir Podcast 53

I recorded a great interview for the Watir Podcast with Llewellyn Falco about Approval tests (originator of the idea that fed my blog post on The Gold Standard), Teaching Kids Programming, and Agile in general.

I hope that you enjoy it!