About Dave McNulla


Are you an enterprise software development manager that needs agile testing on your team but cannot find somebody to lead manual and automated testing in the San Diego area? Do you need somebody that works with ambiguity, communicates well, understands enterprise requirements, and creates automated test frameworks? With agile testing methodologies, keeping your projects ready to release is critical, but you must have a test strategy that can keep up with development.

Software Tester – Test Automation Developer

The successful software agile team is able to test frameworks that support effective manual tests and repeatable automated tests. Today’s open source scripting languages and libraries support quickly developed frameworks. You must, however, get away from the test automation specialist and test automation projects. Teams need testers that do it all.

• Business Logic
• Web Services
• Graphical User Interfaces

Building – Teaching – Writing – Inspiring

I love to build solutions to problems, primarily in the area of software testing, communication, leadership, and teamwork. I write blogs, speaches, and presentations on those topics, as well as mentor co-workers. I can speak to your group event or conference.

Helping People

My greatest joy is to help people. I go to third world countries to build houses, feed people at San Diego area shelters, help people learn to speak in public in District 5 Toastmasters, and help my kids with their homework. I spend time playing golf (badly), watching sports, and listening to music when I can.

Let me help you, too.


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Software Test Automation, Automated Tests, Enterprise Software, Web Software, Web Testing, Oracle, SQLServer, MySQL, DB2, Software Testing, Manual Testing, Automated Testing, Ruby, Watir, Watir-Webdriver, Mechanize, Net/HTTP, RSpec, TestUnit, JUnit, Java, Bash Shell, DOS shell, AutoIT, Fitnesse, CruiseControl, Perforce, SVN, Axis2, LoadRunner, QALoad, Quality Center, QC, Rally, Confluence, Jira, Tomcat, WebSphere, WebLogic, San Diego, Oceanside, Carlsbad, San Marcos, Mc Nulla, Dave McNulla

Jesus Statue in Tegucigalpa, Honduras


Recently I have been contributing to the Watir Podcast by updating the community on Watir and test automation related articles, and interviews.


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