Leading in the Midst of Change

I got this verbatim from my pastor last night in a church meeting.

Four Different Levels of Change

  1. Mind: Information is the key to change a mind. Make sure they have the data. Facts are more persuasive than opinions, but do not necessarily generate consensus.
  2. Heart: Relationships are the key to spur a change of heart. The focus is on empathetic understanding instead of compelling arguments. An especially difficult hurdle is that emotional reactions are directed at the leader.
  3. Lifestyle: Experiences are the keys to changing lifestyle. Leaders need to give others the opportunity to have the same kind of experiences that they had, which helped bring about their own change.
  4. Culture: Commitment is the key to change in culture. A common mistake is to believe that one has won a commitment when one as one a vote. Cultures change slowly.

3 thoughts on “Leading in the Midst of Change

  1. jobandthecity

    Thank you for this inspirational post! I saw your story on the Toastmasters magazine today! Congrats, I’m still looking for a job and actually I decided to have a little fun with it 😉 Am I working? Yes! But I’m working for myself before my Prince Charming job comes along and sweeps me off my feet to a desk where I will be doing some amazing desk jockeying that will get the department, the company and the world moving to the rhythm of my heart

  2. dmcnulla Post author

    There’s no perfect job. I feel that it’s a process to improve oneself (to be more attractive to jobs) and improve the job (through communication with the work team). Keep at it!

  3. jobandthecity

    absolutely! It’s just like romantic relationships. Once you’ve improved yourself and raised your standards, it is no surprise that you’re confronted with better and better prospects. I’m grateful for all of the jobs I’ve had as they give me my blog, which is advice and tips to those looking for the one.

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