Join us at the Test Automation Bazaar

Join us at the Test Automation Bazaar.

There are few products in the world that you can get for free. Fewer that allow you to meet and learn from the product creators for so little money (about 20% the cost of 2 days at StarWest or StarEast). If you are serious about automating tests and test-related tasks, this is a conference for you!

If my employer allows me to go, I guarantee that I will be there.

Update 01/29/2012: I keep asking my boss about attending, but I cannot get a read on what they are thinking. My pessimistic self tends to think that will mean they will not support me in going  😦

Update 02/10/2012: My boss said that my trip is approved. I have my ticket and I am going!

Automation Bazaar Attendees


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