Mob Programming

I’ve know Woody for a few years. He invited me to a free (yes, I said free, as in I don’t pay a dime) workshop to learn  Mob Programming.  After a couple of tries, I was able to attend what might be the last free workshop on February 25, 2017. It was free because Hunter Industries paid for Woody’s time, let us use their facility & equipment, provided our lunch, and volunteered their time to coordinate all the activities. Nice people.

This is my blog entry on my experience at the workshop.

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The Watir Podcast Episode 65 – Cheezy’s Return

Jeff Morgan, AKA Cheezy, comes onto the Watir Podcast to discuss the new release of his Page Objects gem, his Fig Newton gem, Data Magic gem, Service Mock gem, and agile.

The Watir Podcast Episode 64

The Watir Podcast has release Episode 64, in which I interview Automation expert Jason Watts about why he likes using Watir over other libraries. He is knowledgeable about his test stack! In the course of half an hour, we talk about page objects (3 libraries), Allure, Cucumber, RSpec, Xvfb, Fig Newton, IRB, PRY, Watir Model, Docker, Vagrant, Ansible, BitBucket, Bamboo, Slack, Stack Overflow, Watir General (google groups), and Github.